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    Shop online for books, schedule your Usborne Book Show (also available online), and  receive FREE  books (Starts at $85 in orders).  Become an Usborne Books and More consultant  and join my growing team!!  Your order ships the following day by UPS.  Find your event:  Visit :  Check out our simple  Fundraiser, Cards for a Cause. Your organization receives a 43% return with the sale of our unique greeting cards. Learn more at:  

    New- FREE website to practice the first stages of reading. Visit  to play learning games built on the principles of phonics. Parents, teachers and others are welcome to join in the fun of learning.

Announcement: We can now accept purchase orders from schools and libraries. Fax to: 662-562-7468 and we will quickly process your request. Visit to browse the books. It is user friendly to create your own library account .  Also email or call to the contact above if you wish to speak to me first.

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                                                                             12 Books, 12 months  Don't miss Conspiracy 365   Written by : Gabrielle Lord, published by Kane Miller.


                                 Revenge, Book 13 and Malice,  Book 14 are now available. Callum is captured in Revenge and a dramatic rescue produces an exciting read. The series concludes with Malice in which Callum's close friend Winter disappears.  Callum Ormond, the main character in Conspiracy 365 has been warned. He must stay alive 365 stays to solve the centuries old hidden secret of the Ormond family. What will happen to Callum? He is only 15.  Each book beginning with January is a cliffhanger of suspense and gradually unfolding mystery.  Each month brings new clues. Meet Boges, his best friend and computer whiz, Winter, a mysterious girl many more and fantastic villains. 







  Very First Reading is an excellent series to teach your children to read during summer break. 15 books with parent guide and activities to complete. Very First Reading has a well researched framework with appealing stories and lavish illustrations. Children just starting  to read will enjoy shared reading with an adult.

 Shopping for an  A. R. book?  Just look for this symbol when your browsing the books or click on the symbol now and see our huge selection.




Come aboard! Usborne Books and More can change your life! We are a family-minded and debt-free company. Your Usborne home-based book business fits alongside your family activities. Join our group and be eligible to earn bonuses, vacation trips, recognition, and move up to management of your own group. Our new travel incentive contest a trip to the beautiful country of Ireland, surely a once in a lifetime experience. Earn money for bills and FUN too with loads of support training at no extra expense to you.  Usborne Books and More offers Home shows, Book FairsCard Fundraisers, Charity Events, School and Library Services, and  Personalized Shopping .


Advantages of a  Home-Based Business

   New consultants enjoy the excitement of showing  customers our huge selection of gift quality educational  books while earning money, bonuses, prizes, and trips. Each year our books win many different book Awards. 

Move up to a more professional level and become an Educational Consultant. Educational Consultants market our Library Books to schools and libraries.

Our Catalog includes our unique Internet-linked books on many different related topics which provide additional information and activities.  Go to Usborne Quick-Links com. This is a monitored web site.  Learning has never been more fun and educational.!

For our younger readers we have Internet referenced books.  These books open up a young child's world to a wealth of new knowledge.

Usborne books are the very best books for children on the market today. Usborne books are carefully developed to promote reading  and literacy in young people. One of the awesome advantages of being an Usborne Books and More consultant is the opportunity to build a home library for your family at a discount. Choose from over 2000 titles!

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A portion of the retail sales ( $12.99) from the book  Cuddle Bear and the companion PLUSH Bear ($12.99) goes to pediatric cancer research. Enjoy reading aloud to your child every single day while helping to eradicate childhood cancer.


    Usborne books and More is a participating  member of the Direct Selling Association and conducts business according to the ethical policies and practices of the Association.

If you are looking for a home-based business, want to market an award winning product through direct sales,  and love books then read through our offerings.

Usborne offers:

  • Unlimited earning potential.

  • Work from your home.

  • Part-time or full-time. Set your own hours.

  • Travel incentives. Win a cruise.

  • Offer free books to your hostesses.

  •  Hostesses also can purchase discounted books.

  • Take part in contests and win awesome prizes to use in your home-based-business.

  • Build your own family library at discount.

  • An established debt-free company and carefully researched product with many award winning books.

  • Management opportunities .

Become a leader and increase your commission and bonuses.

  • On-going support and training always available at no additional cost.

  •  Monthly newsletter for you and also for your customers.

  • Build your business and customer base with  Website support.

  • Company support with specially prepared advertising for the use of consultants, through Facebook and other media.




Cards For a Cause

Fundraiser by Usborne Books and More

Cards for a Cause has had amazing success this year. Schools and other organizations have used it many times. There is no limit on how many times an organization can participate. This program is outstanding for an entire school, for cheerleading squads, for sports teams, and other organizations who have need of funds.  

The organization fundraising takes orders for the cards.  Each large box of cards has 30 assorted types of greeting cards, with unique designs. The box contains 30 cards. That is $1.00 per card, a fantastic offer. The organization earns $13 per box, a 43% return on sales.  If an organization sells 400 boxes they receive a whopping $5200; 300 boxes sold = $3,900 raised;  200 boxes sold = $2,600 raised ; 100 boxes sold = $1,300 raised.

There is no sales tax or shipping. These expenses are covered by Usborne Books and More.  The Usborne Consultant will provide all necessary forms and is available for guidance throughout the time period.

There is a minimum of only 15 boxes to receive cash back so a very small organization can benefit from doing this event. 

If this is something you are interested in please email me at


These cards are original designs and the 2nd  box is for children to give. They can be colored and decorated. with stickers. Giving cards is a time-honored tradition and our children can begin early to learn how to select and give cards to their friends for special occasions.

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